Juice Plus+® is a whole food supplement, which increases your fruit and vegetable intake. It uses highest quality ingredients and is pesticide free. Many research studies show that the nutrients in Juice Plus+® are bio-available and increase an
Juice Plus
tioxidant levels in the blood.

I can truly recommend the Juice Plus+
® supplement as my husband and myself have been taking this for over 6 years and experience the benefits. Neither of us has had flu or a serious cold since taking the supplement.

For more information please go to the Juice Plus+® website: Juice Plus+®

Should you need other supplements for specific deficiencies or to support certain functions Cytoplan provide high quality bio-available, food state products.
These can be ordered through the clinic or directly from Cytoplan.

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For a lot of patients I recommend the books “The Liver Cleansing Diet” and “Cholesterol-The real truth” by Dr Sandra Cabot. Check her website for more information: liverdoctor.com


Yoga is great for your flexibility and core strength and can really help with many back and joint problems.

Locally I can recommend Christina Jones at

and Julia Woodham at



For Pilates I can highly recommend Tara Kutsch whom I also go to regularly. Pilates is great for strengthening core muscles that support the spine and improving posture:

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For good nutritional supplements and advice on what can help with specific problems the website from Dr Marylin Glenville can help:

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