What to expect

During the first visit a full case history will be taken. Some questions may seem irrelevant but they are important in assessing the overall health picture. The examination will concentrate on the musculoskeletal system but may include other necessary checks, e.g. blood pressure or temperature. If other tests (for example blood tests or urine tests) are deemed necessary you will be referred back to your GP for those. If an underlying condition is found that requires other treatment you will be referred appropriately. Please allow half an hour for the consultation. Should X-rays be required you will also be referred for those. If after the examination it becomes clear that the condition is not suitable for chiropractic care you will be referred appropriately.

If no further tests are required then the patient can usually have the first treatment straight after the consultation. This will include a Report of Findings in which all the findings will be explained, including likely causes and what treatment is needed. Any questions you have will be addressed and treatment carried out. This session is usually half an hour. Every treatment is specifically tailored to your needs.

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As well as treating the subluxations (joint dysfunctions) with adjustments (specific manipulations) I also use soft tissue techniques to address muscles and ligaments directly and will give specific stretches or exercises when indicated. Follow up treatment sessions are usually around 20 minutes.

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Questions are welcome and encouraged!
The more you know about your health and what is important to promote health the better you will feel.