Chiropractic for babies and children

Does your baby cry or seems unsettled even though you have done everything you can? You've fed and winded your baby, changed his nappy, made sure he's not too hot or too cold, soothed and comforted him, sung his favourite lullabies, and still he's unsettled. This may be due to stress during the birth process. During labour the baby's spine is under a great deal of pressure from the squeezing and pushing of your contractions. Many mothers end up lying on their back to deliver their baby in hospital. This position reduces the size of the pelvic opening by up to 1 and a half centimetres, so as well as passing through a smaller birth canal, your baby is also fighting against gravity to be born, which is adding further stress on his spine. Medical interventions that can cause greater stress or twisting of your baby's spine include the use of ventouse, forceps and caesareans and drugs to induce labour causing stronger contractions.

However, misalignments or tension to your baby's spine may cause several problems, leading to an irritable baby and desperate parents.

Symptoms include:
- Poor feeding
- Unsettled sleep patterns
- Crying, restless, easily startled
- Unhappy lying on their back
- Prefers to feed on one side
- Reflux
- Tendency to face one side
- Plagiocephaly, or flat head

Older children can equally benefit from chiropractic care. The stresses their spines are exposed to include falls when learning to walk, then later off bicycles, during sport and play. They also usually carry their school bag on the same shoulder all the time and these days will spend more time in front of computers and television.If the subluxations caused by these traumas are addressed early they will be less likely to suffer from back problems when they are older.