Chiropractic is a
holistic approach to healthcare, as not just the painful area and symptoms are looked at but the whole body is checked and a detailed history is taken to get to the primary cause of the problem and all issues that may affect this are addressed. Chiropractic does not treat the “disease” or “condition” but removes interference from the body that stops it functioning properly and healing itself. The only thing that can heal anything is the body itself, no doctor or medicine does the healing.

Any interference with the nerves, such as pressure from a disc, inflammation from a joint sprain, altered joint motion or reduced blood flow can lead to a wide range of symptoms including pain, muscle spasm, pins and needles and numbness. To feel full of energy the nervous system needs to be working!

What is a subluxation?

A joint that is not moving properly or is out of alignment is termed a subluxation and if this joint is between the vertebrae of the spine it is termed a Vertebral subluxation complex and can lead to altered biomechanics and neurological dysfunction.This will affect how that joint and the nervous system functions and can affect your health and how you feel!

These subluxations are treated with specific adjustments and through restoring function to the nervous system the body is able to return to full health.

Pain is a warning sign that your body is not functioning properly and should not be ignored. The reason for the pain must be diagnosed and dealt with accordingly.